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Storage and shelf life:


To enjoy at their best our filled chocolates really need to be enjoyed relatively quickly after purchase, the 'shelf life' is typically measured in weeks not many months.  By producing and finishing only small batches we can assure you enjoy chocolates in great condition, typically the product you buy will be good for at least 4 weeks stored in cool dry conditions.  Our chocolate bars when stored in cool dry conditions are good for at least 6 months from the production date. 


Allergens:   All of our products are produced in a facility where tree nuts, milk, soya, wheat, egg and other potential allergens may be present.  We take strict care to avoid cross-contamination during production, but some production equipment used by our suppliers and ourselves is shared and may have traces of food allergens present.  Those with known food allergies should not consume our goods.


More information : Please email us for detailed allergen statements.

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