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Bainbridge Island Chocolate

Opened in 2015 Powell & Jones Craft Chocolate is a craft chocolate and confectionery company located in the Coppertop Business Park on Bainbridge Island, Washington.   In our chocolate laboratory we experiment, perfect, and produce artisan chocolate and a range of chocolate based confections.  We make our chocolate and chocolate confections firmly rooted in a handmade European style, coupling careful flavor selection with fine execution.


Chocolate Bars and Island Blend signature items

We are both "chocolate makers" and "chocolatiers".  Chocolatiers typically use chocolate "couverture" to produce bars, truffles, molded items and other confections.  Some products not made using our own "Bean to Bar" are no different in this regard.  We use only the high quality "couverture" chocolate from European and North American sources to make items including our popular Island blend and inclusion bars.  Several feature organic and or fair trade chocolate and flavorings and the range includes some blends unique to Powell & Jones. 

Powell & Jones Craft Chocolate - Bean to Bainbridge Island Range

Having acquired specialized equipment and the training to make high-quality chocolate from cacao beans we have been making 'Bean to Bar' Chocolate since 2015.  We source the cacao used in our chocolate as close to the farmer / producer as possible, working with US based brokers. This effort ensures fair prices for all and sound labor and environmental conditions.  Typically the cocoa bean we use are certified organic.   We have used cocoa beans from South and Central America, and even East Africa in our chocolate.    The process: Starting with sacks of raw cocoa beans we hand sort, roast, crack and then winnow to produce cocoa nibs.  The nibs are then ground to produce chocolate liquor to which we add cane sugar.  We conche and blend to produce finished chocolate that is ready for tempering and molding.  Lastly, we inspect and hand wrap our craft chocolate bars and add a label. 


We currently make some 'Single Origin' bars, these use cacao from a single geographical origin and or harvest.  We also offer craft chocolate which contains a proprietary blend of chocolate from several different countries / origins.   PJCC chocolate contains cacao mass, sugar and sometimes added extra cocoa butter, dairy milk, butter, nuts and vanilla depending on the product type.

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